Farm Gate Prices of EAC

Sri Lanka,

Farm Gate Prices of EAC Producers Prices (Farm Gate) of EAC Products Arecanut Betel Cardamom Cinnamon Cinnamon Bark Oil Cinnamon Leaf Oil Citronella Oil Clove Cocoa Coffee Ginger Goraka Kithul Jaggery Lemon Grass Oil Mace Nutmeg Pepper Turmeric Va ...


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Sri Lanka is often known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The world famous writer Michael Ondaatje comes from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the world’s largest tea exporter. Sri Lanka was the first country in the world to have a democratically elected ...

First Nationalized Bus (1958) - Sri Lanka.

First bus was operated in 1907. Thereafter, the number of vehicles were increased to 60,000 in 1953. At that time the population was 8.1 million. Between 1958 and 1978, the Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) was the nationalised enterprise which handled all ...

Food and Drink in Sri Lanka

Rice and curry and curry are the staple food of Sri Lanka. The Western nationals might prefer curry and little rice, but Sri Lankans need lot of rice and several curries of which one will be hot. Not all curries are spicy hot, but if the name carries “dev ...

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