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Panduwasnuwara West -Hettipola

Panduwasnuwara, ,


Our Vision "To provide a better living condition for the people in the area" Our Mission "To uplift the lifesyles of the society through a planned , efficient development process" Historical Background It is important to analyze the historic ...

Telephone+94 37 2291038
Fax+94 37 2291506
Pallepola Divisional Secretariat



"Our Vision" Bright Future through the Efficient Service "Our Mission" Use human and other resources effectively and efficiently to give a better solution for the public. Mr. W.M. Ananda Divisional Secretary Historical Background When ...

Telephone+94 66 2247223
Pahatha Hewaheta Divisional Secretariat

Thalatuoya,, ,


"Our Vision" Transforfoming into the leading divisional secretariat of the island where a prosperous population live in a graceful villege "Our Mission" Our mission is co-ordinating the provision of facilities and needful services according to th ...

Telephone+94 81 2404385
Padukka Divisional Secretariat

Padukka Divisional Secretariat ,, ,


VISION To be a friendly pioneer of good governance and sustainable development MISSION Directing and supervising of physical and human resources, to uplifting the living standards Of the people through innovative and transparent solution Th ...

Telephone+94 11 2858199
Padiyathalawa Divisional Secretariats



"Our Vision" "දකුණු බින්තැන්න ජනතාවට තිරසාර හෙටක්" "Our Mission" පවත්නා මානව සම්පත් හා ‍භෞතික සම්පත් ප්‍රශස්ථ ලෙස යොදා ගනිමින්, එකම කණ්ඩායමක් ලෙස, කාර්යක්ෂමව, විනය ගරුකව හා සුහදශීලිව සේවා සැපයීම තුලින්, දකුණු බින්තැන්නපත්තුව ජනතාවගේ ආර්ථික සම ...

Telephone+94 63 2246035
Pachchilaipalliai Divisional Secretariat

A9 Road,, ,


Vision Providing efficient and effective public service cope with changing of technical, socioeconomic systems. Mission Providing an efficient and effective public service according to Government policies and improving life pattern and living s ...

Telephone+94 21 2050041
Opanayaka Divisional Secretariat



Our Vision "Transit the Opanayaka Divisional secretary division to a sustainable developed area which perform citizen aspirations" Our Mission " Providing services according to the state policies, co-coordinating resources and uplift the public ...

Telephone+94 45 2270438
Fax+94 45 2271038
Oddusuddan Divisional Secretariats

Oddusuddan Divisional Secretariats , Oddusuddan,


VISSION Provide effective and efficient public service with the guidance of national policies in a view of sustainable development of the division which was affected by the war and natural disaster and ensure the good governance MISSION Provide bette ...

Telephone+94 243248060
Okewela Divisional Secretarit



Okewela Divisional Secretariat is situated to the western side of the Southern Sri Lanka and is 15 Kilo Meters far away from the coastal line to the interior. It consists of 27 Grama Niladhari Division in an area of 38169 Square Kilometers. Although this ...

Telephone+94 47 2254178
Nuwara Eliya Divisional Secretariat

Nuwara Eliya.,


"Our Vision" To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society "Our Mission" To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society thro ...

Telephone+94 52 2222238
Nuwara Eliya District Secretariat



Our Vision “Towards a sustainable development through good and people friendly administration ” Our mission " To facilitate services as a main administrative center in the district in the way of friendly coordination with all institutions for social ec ...

Telephone+94 52 2222233
Niyagama Divisional Secretariat



Vision Placement into the best institute of affords public services in Sri Lanka. "Our Mission" Development of folk living through according to Government policies, linking with Government and Non Government Institute, maximum productivity & sus ...

Telephone+94 91 2296438
Nikaweratiya Divisional Secretariats



"Our Vision" A better tomorrow through an excellent public service. "Our Mission" To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper c ...

Telephone+94 37 2260238
Fax+94 32 260789
Neluwa Divisional Secretariat

Neluwa,, ,


"Our Vision" To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community i a beneficial way to the society "Our Mission" Lets dedicate to service for protecting this right of citizens Neluwa Divisional Secretary ...

Telephone+94 91 3783419
Negambo Divisional Secretariat

Main Street,, ,


"Our Vision" Become a excellent service provider to the service executors on coming 2016 "Our Mission" Increasing living condition of the G.N division for fuelling peoples is expectation by using new technology and excellent human proportion and ...

Telephone+94 31 2224633
Nivithigala Divisional Secretariat



"Our Vision" "Invincible For Nivithigala Divitional Secretariate" "Our Mission" "As to Fulfil the needs of the public with their participation Keeping a nice association with other institutions to up lift the livelihood of the public with multiple d ...

Telephone+94 45 2279238
Ninthaur Divisional Secretariat

Main Street Nintavur,


"Our Vision" Excellent Public Sector Service Provider in the Area "Our Mission" Providing the Productive and Sustainable Development through the creative and fullest participation of the staff according to the public policies Nintavur is situ ...

Telephone+94 67 2250036
Fax+94 67 2250036
Negombo Municipal Council

Negombo Municipal Council ,, ,


Negombo is identified as a second town, in order in the Colombo Metropolitan Reginal Structural plan formulated by Urban Development Authority (UDA) and it is the first in the order within the Gampaha District. It caters not only to Negombo citizens but a ...

Telephone+94 31 2222275 / 2224283
Fax+94 31 2222420
Nawithanweli Divisional Secretariat



"Our Vision" To be a people friendly government institution that helps to promote the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society "Our Mission" To provide a service in line with the government policies, reduce the poverty line an ...

Telephone+94 67 2223256
Naula Divisional Secretariat



"Our Vision" Up grading of the folk-life of the Naula divisional Secretariat Division "Our Mission" Using of existent resources in well planned profile and efficient manner to enhance the folk life of the Division History of Naula Divisional ...

Telephone+94 66 2246298
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