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Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media

163,Asi Disi Medura, Kirulapone Mawatha, Polhengoda, ,

Vision “A well – informed, pluralistic and dynamic society” Mission “Formulating, Facilitating, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating policies and strategies in order to establish a people friendly, development – oriented, free and responsib ...

Telephone011-2513 459, 011-2513 460, 0112512321, 0112513498
Ministry of Labour & Trade Union Relations

Labour Secretariat Colombo - 05.,

Vision "A Satisfied Productive Sri Lankan Labour force" Mission Contribute towards the Socio-Economic Development through the Promotion of Industrial Peace and Harmony, Social Protection, Rights at Work and Productivity. Objectives To empower and ...

Telephone+94 11 2581991
Fax+94 11 2368165
Ministry of Foreign Employment

51/2/1, 2nd Floor, Assert Arcade Building York Street, ,

Profile (Duties And Functions) Formulation of policies, programs and projects in regard to the subject of foreign employment and all subjects that come under the purview of departments and statutory institutions listed in column II and any oth ...

Telephone011- 2331336/2330307
Fax011- 2331200
Ministry of Agriculture

\"Govijana Mandiraya\", 80/5, Rajamalwatta Avenue, ,

Sri Lanka, affectionately called as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a tear drop shaped island of 65,000sq KM surrounded by sparkling blue green sea. Moderate climate throughout the year, fertile soil, freely available ground water with fairly distribute ...

Ministry of Higher Education & Highways

\"Maganeguma Mahamedura\" 8th Floor, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Koswatta, , ,

Vision Be the Excellent Service Provider with an Efficient and Safe Road Network based on New Technology Mission Develop, Manage and Maintain the Highway Network According to Citizen's Requirements and National Development Goals by Using Expert ...

Telephone+94 11 2871821-30
Fax+94 11 2863296
Ministry of Defence

15/5,Baladaksha Mawatha, , , , 00300

Our Vision " ‍For a Secured and Peaceful Country. " Our Mission " Formulating and executing strategic plans and policies for a secure, safe and sovereign country with territorial integrity.

Telephone+94 11 2430860/69
Ministry of Buddha Sasana

135,Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, , ,

Our Vision To be the leading facilitator in bringing about a society with qualitative and moral values. Our Mission Providing assistance to create a qualitative society with better way of living by way of formulating and implementing policies and pro ...

Telephone011 2303285
Fax011 2303275
Ministry of Disaster Management

Vidya Mawatha, , ,

Vision Towards a safer Sri Lanka Mission To facilitate harmony and the prosperity and dignity of human life through effective prevention and mitigation of natural and man-made disasters in Sri Lanka Objectives Protection of the Community from D ...

Ministry of Education

\"Isurupaya\", Pelawatta, , ,

Vision To reach excellence in global society through competent citizens who share the Sri Lankan identity Mission Develop competent citizens keeping with the global trends through innovative and modern approaches to education leading to efficien ...

Telephone+94 112 785141-50,
Fax+94 11 278 7578
Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance The Secretariat Lotus Road, , ,

Objectives Formulate national economic and financial policies and strategies of the country. Formulate fiscal policy and macro fiscal policy management. Prepare national development plan and management of financial resources. Manage national t ...

Telephone94 112 484 500, +94 112 484 600, +94 112 484 700
Fax+94 112 449 823
Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development

Colombo,Maligawatta Rd, , ,

The Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development is vested in responsibilities for the development and conservation of fisheries sector in Sri Lanka for which 06 institutions have been established for assisting in implementation of policies form ...

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic Building Sir Baron Jayathilake Mawatha, , ,

Telephone0094 (0) 11 2325371 / 2325372 / 2325373 / 2325375
Fax0094 (0) 11 2446091 / 2333450 / 2430220
Ministry of Indigenous Medicine

No.464, T.B Jaya Mawatha, , ,

The Ministry of Indigenous Medicine was established on 14.02.1980 to fast track therevival of the ayurvedic medical practice and by today it has passed three decades of fruitful existence. Since the granting of cabinet status to the portfolio of Indigenou ...

Telephone+94 11 267 6376
Fax+94 11 267 6377
Ministry of Industry & Commerce

73/1, Galle Rd, , ,

Overview Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) plays a dynamic role in the development of the industrial sector. It is the key Ministry responsible for promoting industrial development in the country within the wide policy framework by the government ...

Telephone+94 11 239 2149
Fax+94 11 243 4034
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development & Cultural Affairs

8th Floor,Sethsiripaya, , , , 10120

Objectives Formulate and implement policies for the establishment of cultural identity and diversity by steering the island wide network of divisional cultural centers. Steering the migration management process while ensuring Sri Lankan identity and n ...

Telephone+94 11 2861108
Fax+94 11 2872004
Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources Management

500,T B Jayah Mawatha, , ,

Sri Lanka is endowed with a hydraulic civilization natured by a rich Irrigation Heritage. We are committed to keep these traditions alive by the development and management of the water and land resources for sustainable use. While providing water for pa ...

Telephone+94 11 2684710 / +94 11 2676844
Fax+94 11 2676846
Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils

330, Dr. Colvin R. de Silva Mawatha, , ,

Telephone+94 11 2305326 , +94 11 2305327, +94 11 2303280
Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment

82,Sampathpaya, , ,

The Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment of Sri Lanka remains committed for the management of the environment and natural resources of the country, maintaining the equilibrium between the trends in rapid economic development and use of natural ...

Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs

1st Floor, \"Miloda\" Bristol Street, , ,

Objectives Achieving economic development. Elimination of poverty. Elimination of unemployment and reduction of under employment. Investment promotion through enhancement of domestic savings. Promotion of economic and social infrastructure. Increasi ...

Telephone+94 11 446 1500 / +94 11 232 2867
Fax+94 11 247 3643 / +94 11 233 9732
Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development

80, Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha, , ,

Our Vision To make both upstream and downstream petroleum industry the foremost contributor to the National Economic Development of Sri Lanka Our Mission To manage the activities of downstream and upstream petroleum industry effectively and efficient ...

Telephone(+94) 112564969 / (+94) 112370033 / (+94) 112370032
Fax(+94) 112372115
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