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China: Ship rams bridge, plunging cars into river in Guangzhou Featured

A cargo ship rammed into a bridge in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou early Thursday, plunging five vehicles including a public bus into the river.

The accident killed two people and injured one. Three are still missing, state media said.

Images on broadcaster CCTV show a section of the bridge fractured, with the ship trapped under it. The vessel did not appear to be carrying cargo.

The incident happened at 05:30 local time (21:30 GMT).

The ship's captain has been detained and people residing in the vicinity have been evacuated, according to Beijing News, citing district authorities.

The bridge was due for upgrades but plans have been postponed three times, CCTV reported.

In October 2021, provincial authorities had identified the need to construct "collision avoidance facilities" to ensure the bridge's structural safety.

The procedure was initially scheduled for completion in September 2022, but the deadline was extended first to August 2023, and later to August this year.

Guangzhou lies on the Pearl River delta and one is of the busiest seaports in mainland China.

Nansha, the district where the incident took place, is the fastest-growing port in southern China, with cargo volumes increasing every year since it opened in 2004.

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