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Corruption taints operations on drugs, underworld criminals Featured

In response to mounting concerns over reports of several police officers being in contact with leading drug lords, some of whom operate from overseas while others are imprisoned following recent crackdowns on underworld gangs,

intelligence officers have been deployed to identify the police officers collaborating with organized criminals and drug traffickers with their assets to be probed, the Daily Mirror learns.

Police have received information regarding certain officers being in touch with criminals in return for perks and large sums of cash as bribes. However, investigations are secretly underway to track them down.

These rogue officers are accused of aiding criminal activity and taking undue advantage of their positions.

In a recent incident, the Inspector General of Police has taken action to suspend the Agalawatta Police Officer-in-Charge (OIC), who has been accused of having close contact with an underworld gang and receiving money from them on a monthly basis.

The police headquarters received information that this officer had close relations with underworld leaders 'Kudu Anju' and 'Alto Dharme', who are said to be operating from Dubai. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Police Special Investigation Unit (SIU) have initiated investigations against him.

Sources said that intelligence officers have been deployed to gather information about such corrupt officers through their colleagues who are on duty and from the public and security committees in those areas.

The investigation focuses on the Western and Southern Provinces, known for their high rates of organized crime and drug trafficking. Authorities suspect these areas have become breeding grounds for corrupt police officers and criminals.

The police have launched multiple operations to crack down on the underworld and drug activities in the country. Due to corrupt officials, the police operations have also been severely affected.

It was also reported that some police officers are receiving large sums of cash as gifts and other perks from underworld figures. Some officers who had close relations with them have even fled the country.

Police said that their investigations will also focus on suspected officers' assets and wealth to determine their sources of income. Bank accounts of these officers will also be scrutinized as part of the investigation process.

Earlier, the police transferred several senior police officers from the CID for allegedly aiding and abetting detained underworld leaders 'Harak Kata' and 'Kudu Salindu'.

IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon while serving as the Acting IGP had previously warned officers about information indicating their links to criminals. He said that action would be taken against them based on investigations.


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