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Attempt to dissolve Parliament for snap General Election fails Featured

The attempt by some MPs to dissolve Parliament by passing a resolution has proven to be a futile exercise as the required number of 113 MPs cannot be mustered, a parliamentarian who wished to remain anonymous said.

Previously, SLPP stalwart Basil Rajapaksa, in his meeting with President Ranil Wickremesinghe, asked for the dissolution of Parliament to declare a snap General Election ahead of the Presidential Election which is constitutionally scheduled for October, this year.

Later, Daily Mirror exclusively reported that the President will not go for a parliamentary election before the presidential election. Against the backdrop, some MPs loyal to Mr. Rajapaksa, gave mind to pass a resolution in Parliament calling for the dissolution of the House to go for a snap general election.

However, the attempt has been unsuccessful because most MPs are not ready for an early general election.

The General Election is otherwise scheduled for 2025 only. In the meantime, the Election Commission is required to issue the notice declaring the presidential election towards the end of July or early August so that polling could take place on a day between September 17 and October 18. Daily Mirror reported earlier that polling would take place during the first week of October.

Any General Election before will only exhaust the Commission. Also, it will cost taxpayers another Rs.10 billion. The President has the power to dissolve Parliament at any time now in terms of the Constitution. Still, he sought a resolution from Parliament to prove that the majority of MPs want such an election.

Meanwhile, the political parties including the SLPP and the United National Party (UNP) led by the President are planning to have mega May Day rallies this year in a show of power ahead of vital elections pending for the year.


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